Sleeping Outside – The Benefits

At Grimshaw Street ELC your child will, from time to time (weather permitting) have the opportunity to experience outdoor sleeping – the benefits of sleeping outside include the following:

  1. Natural light exposure – This resets the body clock and adjusts with circadian rhythms, and you produce more melatonin for a more restful sleep, unlike artificial light which interferes with sleep quality.
  2. Increased immunity – Plants give off phytoncides to protect themselves which humans can benefit from lower blood pressure and other health boosters.
  3. Better functioning of body and brain – Higher quality oxygen will improve the functioning of the brain and body for better productivity, mobility, recovery and more. Whereas stale inside air laden with carbon dioxide can lead to lethargy and a slower metabolism.
  4. Reduced stress – Just seeing trees has been proven to reduce stress levels, as has listened to the sounds of nature and the outdoors.
  5. Reduced illness – Air conditioning spreads germs and dries up children’s sinuses, leaving them open to infection. One centre reported that over an 11-week period during winter (when colds and flu are usually rife), they only had a total of less than 1 per cent of absentees which they attribute to outdoor napping.
  6. Improved learning – As children sleep longer, deeper and more serenely when outside, they’re more refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to learn when they wake. Their cognitive attentiveness, alertness and awareness are higher compared to napping indoors.
  7. Better physical and emotional development – Outside sleeping can increase children’s brain, bone and muscular development, along with their social and emotional wellbeing.